Outbound Sales Representative -

Company Profile

The company is a 1-on-1 strategic consultation business for designers who are trying to improve their business(Especially interior and architectural designers)
Your target audience is freelance designers and small design firms.
Services and packages are high-end tickets starting from $2,000 up to $10,000. In an estimated 2-3 months, fees will be increased by 25-50%.

Job Description

What you will be provided:
-Starting points for where to look for leads online.
-Necessary education and training to understand the target and the nature of this business to target better.
-An email address if you need.
-If satisfied, an influencing reference letter by the end of the project.
-Bonuses for overachievers.
-A chance to work from the comfort of your home in any hour you want.

Payment structure:

Payment is 100% performance oriented and commission ONLY.
-As a token of goodwill, your first sale will be 50% commission if you deliver it on time.
-Regular deal: 25%
-Every 5th deal: 30%
-Every 10th deal: 40%
-Every 25th deal: 50% and loop restarts.

Only qualified candidates will be replied.

We hope our relationship to be a long-term one. If it becomes long-term, your commission rate will be increased and further education to sharpen your skills will be provided.

Deliver your CV+Track Record+Video to:



What's expected from you:
-An online representation that will align with business' reputation(Social media and photographs)
-Ability to use CRM software
-Video of self-introduction
-Reports of progress
-Follow up skills
-Your own script and pitch examples
-Resourcefulness to find even more platform and leads than I offer you

Do not apply if:
-You are not comfortable with the result oriented salary
-You prefer a safe and regular job
-You can't offer a proactive attitude
-You can't handle rejection
-You cannot move out of your comfort zone
-You don't have a go-getter attitude
-You can't do research add additional
-You are not confident in your skills

More helpful info: www.dadomatch.com/job

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