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Company Profile

Earn Six Figures this year. A start-up biotech company is looking for outside sales representatives with logical, existential and interpersonal skills.
This is not your average commissions job.
You will be helping doctors gain access to cutting-edge technologies and you will be creating a network of influencers within your community to help spread awareness and demand for the product.

Job Description

We are prepared to provide our representatives with a broad range of marketing support. Along with hard copies of product information, all members of the sales team will receive the following support:
• Warm Leads Provided
• Email Campaigns to leads
• Direct Mail to leads
• Phone Campaigns to leads
• Conferences to leads
• PPC/SEM Campaigns to leads


We are looking for refined sales professionals with the following characteristics:
• Solutions Oriented
• Positive Attitude
• Active Listening
• Effective Communicating
• Self-Motivated
Needs to know how to use:
• VOIP Phone
• Google Docs
• Google Sheets

Total Comp. $120,000.00

More helpful info: www.dadomatch.com/job

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