Company Profile

Founded in 2010 in Portland, Oregon, Gameday Media provides a fundraising opportunity to High School Athletic Departments throughout the United States. We take pride in our ability to take the stress of fundraising off of coaches and athletic departments. This allows the team to focus and stay engaged in their sport and enhances the spectators game experience through our professionally designed and produced media guides and signage.

Job Description

You will be selling the advertising space on the various products produced for each school/team(Full Color Game Programs / Stadium Banners / Pocket Schedules, Etc.) Primary role will be reaching out (via phone and email) to small & medium size business owners to offer them exposure in front their local community. The sponsors are helping the school get these products free of charge.


Clear and Confident dictation through the phone. The ability to have professional conversations throughout the day and stay mindful to the fact that we are representing the High School

Base Comp. $30,000.00
Total Comp. $65,000.00

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