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Sales Traits and Accomplishments

Compensation Requirements

Important Note!
Be thoughtful of your salary requirements. Companies take this very seriously and if your requirements do not meet their budget they may choose not to move forward in the process. Salary requirements are to save your time but your ability to negotiate is what will confirm your pay.

We all think of the ultimate sales professional as a hard worker, someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to get the job done regardless of the sacrifices involved. He/she would be nothing without a strong work ethic...but what kind? In sales, one focuses on quality, the other on quantity. Which type do you possess?

When assessing your sales type it is important to understand your sales process. Review your recent sales. Are they more strategic or transactional? If multiple decision-makers and a team approach were required to close the deal, your sales type is more strategic in nature. If your sales are relatively simple and quick to close, your sales type is more transactional.

As sales professionals, it is our job to uncover a need. Some sales people are highly skilled at creating a need, while others are better at selling to an established need. Review your sales process and examine past successes. Look for instances in which you had to create need. Did you find sales calls where the buyer did not understand the solution prior to the call, but clearly perceived value at the conclusion of the call? This is an example of a created need. What type of need is your sales process based on?

Salespeople vary in their ability to handle rejection and difficult client interactions. Prospecting, for instance, requires a "thick skin" and the ability to handle a lot of rejection, while account management requires a great sense of empathy and tolerance. Explore your current sales approach to see if you are driven by cold calling and rejection or relationships. There are two types of sales people. The "hunter" enjoys the thrill of the chase and is not afraid of rejection. The "farmer" is more focused and comfortable working with his/her current clients. Which type of personality is a better fit for you?

Salespeople vary in their ability to close business at the natural conclusion of a sales process. Some put in a basic effort while others feel obligated to find a solution. Some respond uncomfortably if a client or prospect does not agree with them. Salespeople manifest persuasion in different ways. Some are more interested in agreeing with others to keep the peace while others will advocate and defend their position. They differ in the degree to which they will engage with the purpose of overcoming the objection. Review your sales process to define what type of persuasive personality you have.

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