B2B2C Outside Sales Representative

Company Profile

Utilizing technology, NEOFECT has constructed a new rehabilitation paradigm that inspires hope for patients in need of rehab. We aim to help patients all around the world including, but not limited to, those unable to receive appropriate treatment due to economic or geographic reasons. By providing rehab training products and services that are available anytime and anywhere, we are committed to improving patient’s rehab experiences and quality of life. NEOFECT has developed innovative smart rehabilitation solutions to help patients with neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. RAPAEL Rehabilitation Solutions provide fun rehabilitation training exercises using games. Data analysis, supported by our proprietary algorithm, provides customized training for each individual patient. Our goal is to keep patients motivated and eager to accelerate their recovery.

Job Description

• Building relationships within hospitals, rehab facilities, therapy settings, home health, and assisted living
• Gaining referrals and building relationships with potential patients
• Selling a medical device in a B2B and B2C setting


• 1-5 years of experience within the following: med-device, healthcare, home health, hospice, OT, PT, clinical, speech therapy
• Bachelor’s degree required
• Consultative approach to evaluate and address a need
• Experience in bio-technology, bio-engineering, or biology research is a plus

Base Comp. $50,000.00
Total Comp. $85,000.00

More helpful info: www.dadomatch.com/job

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