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Company Profile

Atlas Retail Energy creates strategic, customized solutions for commercial and industrial end-users of electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets across the U.S. We're more than just energy brokers for our clients. What makes Atlas Retail Energy unique is that we are one of the few integrated energy consultant firms in the country with transparency, expertise and insights into wholesale energy markets. With this unparalleled market intelligence and depth of understanding, we help our clients create a long-term energy strategy from where the price originates. That means we provide unprecedented visibility into factors that ultimately affect clients'? bottom lines. As an independent firm, we are positioned to be passionate advocates for our clients. Our teams work quickly to bring the right strategy and insights that help clients take control of their energy costs.

Job Description

• The Junior Account Executive will research to find companies who may need energy services
• The Junior Account Executive will call on prospective clients (70 calls per day)
• The Junior Account Executive will call on director and c-level titles within every industry type
• The Junior Account Executive will travel with Senior Advisors to close business


• 6-12 months of B2B experience
• Intellectually curious
• Competitive
• Money motivated
• Want to be in sales
• No job hoppers/ loyalty

Base Comp. $40,000.00
Total Comp. $45,000.00

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