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Company Profile

We’re a super-fun, high energy creative online company that helps huge-hearted women create the life and love of their dreams by mastering personal empowerment AND how to connect and communicate deeply with men.

Our mission is to help women step into all the beauty and joy that they’re worthy of by helping them release their false beliefs and wounds of their past, and give them to tools to identify their true value and move powerfully into relationships that elevate and expand them - starting with the relationship with THEMSELVES!

Our flagship digital courses, Mastery of Connection and Mastery of Magnetism, have helped 10,000 women from 30+ countries around the world transform their lives, and went to a multi-six figure level of sales in our first year of launching. Now we're looking for a key player to grow with us as we expand to 7 figures - and take bragging rights for getting us there!

Job Description

You're whip-smart. Insanely organized & motivated. Fast & accurate. And a DIYer who can teach yourself *anything* with ease. You'd be thrilled to get paid to learn a cutting-edge skillset and take a creative visionary's ideas and turn them into reality. Am I talking about you? Then read on, my friend!


Organized is your middle name - Your life is color-coded on your Google Calendar and Asana, and you're always three steps ahead of the game. You can multitask, prioritize, and juggle multiple components of a project with ease.

Your personality - You are intrinsically motivated, systems-based, sweet, compassionate, really experienced with project management, less creative and more linear, constantly reeling Mat in, very kind, secure, positive - you can see all the details and always stay super positive and upbeat.

Problem-Solver - You jump headfirst into solving problems, even if you don't 100% understand them. You see new challenges and skills as a mountain to be conquered, not as a roadblock. You think ANY problem is solvable, as long as you're the one doing the solving.

Great communicator - You're a crystal-clear communicator who can communicate kindly but assertively. You say what needs to be said directly, but you're very pleasant to work with

You learn insanely fast - You learn new skills rapidly and independently - you don't need anyone to hold your hand through the learning

Detail-oriented - You are so detail-oriented and organized, you make Monica Gellar look laid back. Typos and mistakes just don't make sense to you - accurate is your middle name. And a disorganized Google drive? Makes your skin crawl.

Fast & High Quality -- When it comes to getting things done quickly, you're on it - you're incredibly time-efficient (without sacrificing accuracy) and love checking things off your to-do list. You're great at looking at large tasks and breaking them up into small, manageable milestones.

A-player - You strive to be the best in everything that you do. Success - both personal and professional - is important to you. You're the type of person who can't start the day without a workout, you love to meditate and your life is in great-order both personally and professionally.

High EQ - You have a strong sense of how people work and you know how to be super diplomatic. You know how to give honest feedback while building a relationship.

High integrity - Friends and family would describe you as: upbeat, hardworking, honest to a fault, and 10,000% reliable. Missing a deadline is crazy-talk to you.

Radiate positivity - You're a pleasure to work with. You radiate positivity and know that ALL problems have a solution that isn't too far away if you simply take a deep breath and remind yourself: you've got this.


Systems Creator: You'll get paid to learn the ins-and-outs of to take on new (like building a huge social media following on YouTube, Instagram, and podcasts)

Hiring superstar- You'll be in charge of hiring and offloading the freelancers + interns for each project. (For example, during a launch more contractors will be needed. It'll be your job to find, direct and communicate with them on Mat's behalf.)

Ring-leader - You will be the center of each project and will map out the entire task-list and timeline to ensure everything gets done. You'll continually evaluate each project on an ongoing basis to make sure it's on track, and prioritize the work ?ow as needed.

Hiring - You'll get to learn Mat’s hiring process where he builds fantastic teams using both local and global freelancers, and you'll get to see how we save $60-$80/hour internationally through the power of outsourcing & will use that process to hire people

Captain quality control - You will review each part of the project to make sure it's functioning (i.e. Ensure that there's no broken links/ landing pages /errors on a critical launch element)

Run the day-to-day tasks - Each day you'll be asked to send emails/calls on Mat's behalf, do research, and help make sure that Mat's business and life run smoothly.

Manager to everyone - You'll manage team members like our graphic designer, our customer service VA, etc.) to ensure each team member is on time with his/her deliverables with regular check-ins

God(dess) of SOP's - You will get to create our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) and ensure they are followed and are met by each team member.


You'll get paid to do what you love: you'll watch from backstage, knowing that the show was able to go on because of all your behind-the-scenes work

You'll laugh on a daily basis - Mat is funny. He loves to have fun at work and secretly fears if he’s not entertaining people no one will love him. ;-) He’ll try to make you laugh
every day, and you'll keep him on task.

You'll learn non-stop - You'll learn the ins and outs of online marketing, content development, cutting-edge lead generation techniques, how to build a thriving community in record time, and so much more.

You'll be part of an incredible team - We're firm believers in the power of kindness in the workplace and are dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and growing every person on our team while we get incredible results.

You'll help change lives - You'll read thank you notes from customers who write about what their lives were like before and after being exposed to the material that we create, and you'll get a HUGE glow in knowing you were key executor in them receiving that material.

Step #1: Please send us your resume – Please use the subject line: Your Name – 4 Letter Type - World-Class VA. See Step #2 to determine your “4 Letter Type”.

Step #2: In lieu of a cover letter, we’d like to get to know you by having you take your personality assessment. Rest assured we don’t choose anyone based on just the assessment results; it just helps us understand you a bit better. You can find it by Googling 16 personalities, and going to Free Personality Test. It should take 12 minutes. Please be sure to include your “type” in it’s 4 letter form, ie ENFP, INTJ, ESTJ, etc. in the subject line of your e-mail to be considered for the next round. ????



Budget Master + Score Keeper - You'll keep our projects on time and on budget and make sure all our sales metrics are on track each week.

Launch Live Webinars Smoothly - We will soon be launching an evergreen webinar and possibly live webinars as well. You'll be in charge of the tech person who can help us get this executed quickly + efficiently. You'll also be the person to check to see that every email is sent out correctly and there's no glaring error that could cost us sales.

Hire Interns + Offshore VA's + Local Freelancers - You'll be given our signature hiring process and then you'll run with it. You'll find hardworking A-players who can drive key parts of our business.

Create a Content System - Every week we'll deliver content that will thrill, uplift and inspire our audience to live their best life while they're still alive ???? You'll help create a weekly content syndication system that includes email and social and help decide what's the most cost-effective and efficient way to deliver it using our global team + local freelancers.

Build a Huge Following -We’ve done an incredible job with warm traffic off of YouTube and now we are ready to step into COLD traffic in addition to expanding our email list! How will we build a huge following in record time? You'll drive the process that sets our brand recognition + audience to new heights. You don't need to have this expertise already, but you can find the right resources + people to help us get there.

Affiliate Program - Our customers love our product and now it's time to expand our reach. You'll build out an affiliate system so it can be shared by other thought-leaders.

Course Overhaul - Our course has some elements that may need to be updated, you'll be reviewing the course material with Mat and help direct this project and determine who needs to do what and in what priority order.

Compensation: $15 - $20 DOE Depends on Experience
Employment Type: Contract

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