Referral Representative

Company Profile

Our company provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Colleges/Universities, and Commercial Real Estate Firms.

Job Description

We are looking for Referral Reps to help set up appointments for our Sales Representatives. This is not a sales role. The role demands organizational skills to be successful. We are looking for Referral Reps who will be pleasant, professional, yet determined on the phone. Referral Reps set up phone appointments for our Sales Representatives. For each sale the Sales Rep closes, the Referral Rep who set the appointment, receives $200. The biggest issue our customer base is dealing with, is a lack of the very products we sell. There is no question about the NEED for our products. Too few companies can provide bulk-order scale the way we can.

If you believe you might NOT be able to set up appointments based on products that are:
• Used to combat a Global Pandemic
• In high demand
• In extremely short supply
• Likely to be mandatory in many areas of the country

then this is not the opportunity for you. We are looking specifically for people who can set up 3-6 appointments per day. Please only respond if you feel strongly that you can do this. If you know you can:


Must read and speak English. You have to be detail oriented and comfortable with a performance based pay structure.

More helpful info: