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Job Description

What we want to happen:
We want to keep a closer eye on our clients, especially with their diet, and help them stay committed. We think it is critical, especially to those who are new or just trying out going to the gym. We want our clients to feel engaged, especially with the lifestyle that they are trying to embrace.

Nowadays, reaching them through the internet is much more convenient and feels more personal. For us to do that, we need you to add these features to our website:

-Log-in feature for our members, which will have the following interface:
-Schedule of coaches
-Workout routine for the day
-Advised calorie intake/diet plans
-Billings for membership
-A server for us to input changes in the member’s workout routine, calorie intake and billings.
-Provide and maintain security of the website.


Requirements and Qualifications:
-Profound knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP and other relevant web design coding languages.
-Experience in programming and web design is ideal but not required.
-It would be great if you can provide current or past projects (portfolio) but not required.
-Knows how to communicate well and can do video calls.
-Can work with minimal supervision.
-Has the initiative to make suggestions.
-Close attention to details.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
-Overall management of the website.
-Communicate the progress of the project (weekly progress) and problems should they arise.
-Maintain the order and overall security of the website.
-Coordinate with other members, especially with the design committee.

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We will also offer a retainer’s fee to maintain the website.

Base Comp. $10,000.00
Total Comp. $10,000.00

More helpful info: www.dadomatch.com/job