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Job Description

We are growing, and we are in need of more agents. Are you willing to relocate to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada? This might be for you

Job Description:
A real estate agent is the face of the service that we offer. A real estate agent is the frontliner in the real estate industry. The role entails one to have great interpersonal skills to be able to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the customers. From step one of the process to the end, the agent will be the customer’s partner until they can find their ideal homes.

This position comprises different roles in the entire process of selling and acquiring properties. While every agent has their own approach, we still have our own guidelines to follow.

Assist buyers in choosing an ideal property
Determine a client’s financial capabilities and come up with an ideal solution that will suit them
Assist buyers in the overall process, such as arranging legal documents, discussing mortgage and market prices to ensure a fair and honest deal.
Communicate with real estate sellers, bankers, lawyers, and other parties involved in property acquisition/selling.
Create a marketing plan and perform analysis on market trends and practices
Prospect clients and generate sales


Knowledgeable about market prices and real estate practices
Experience in sales and marketing
Strong communication and negotiation skills
Trustworthy and able to work with less supervision
Proficient in Google Workspace and MS Office

Work Vehicle
Travel Allowance
Client Consultation Allowances
Company cell phone and mobile plan
Medical and Dental packages
Paid Vacation
Assistance in real estate license application

The compensation is commission-based at 2.5% of the total selling price. We will discuss more about this in the interview.

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