Company Profile

We're from Jacksonville, Florida, and we daresay if you want to experience steaks done right, Jacksonville is where you want to be. The city's food scene inspired us to bring this site to life and share our meaty ideas on steaks, grills, and everything in between.

It started with a tailgating party we hosted a couple of years back. We heard people talking about where to buy portable smokers, how to come up with mouthwatering ribeye steak recipes, what kind of briquettes to use, where to get quality meats—light bulb moment.

Job Description

The Position
We need someone who can create articles and quality content for our blog section. The contents will be based on the contents from our books and other materials that will be given to you. Some content will need writing on our social media accounts, specifically captions.

Our ideal candidate is a goal-oriented, team-spirited writer with a knack for creativity. You will begin as a part-timer with a vision to move to a full-time position.

The Role
-You will need to do the following tasks and responsibilities:
-Collaborate with the marketing team on the topics that are to be written.
-Read our published books where some content will be based from.
-Use SEO fundamentals to maximize reach.
-Conduct research on topics that we will give.


These are our expectations and qualifications:
-Experience as a copywriter or a related role
-Knowledge in social media copywriting
-Past projects or a portfolio
-Superb writing, proof-reading and editing skills
-Great time management skills and able to meet deadlines

The Perks and Benefits
-Work on your own time
-No weekends
-May grow into a full-time work from home job.

The Compensation
We offer $70 USD per article. Our articles usually contain around 500 to 1000 words.

If you want to give it a shot, just open this form:

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