Inside Sales Representative

Company Profile

Leed Seed markets to empower contractors and homeowners by verifying, qualifying, and smart-matching leads, providing a stronger ROI to each client.

Job Description

Work Hard - Play Hard People wanted!

Do you love nerf gun battles? How about falling down the rabbit hole of youtube?

How about busting your butt, crushing sales goals and making Scrooge McDuck kind of money?

That’s exactly what we want in a candidate!

Come to the dark side… just a little bit. We have cookies. :)

We’re a lead generation company passionate about exceptional and affordable service while matching homeowners with service professionals. TLDR; our matched leads bring all the boys to the yard. And that’s right, they’re better than yours.
As an inside sales representative, we expect you to care for your leads better than you probably care for your plants. So that succulent you’ve got dying in the corner? Yeah that’s not going to swing with us. Follow up with the warm leads we provide should be comparable to how you would treat baby Yoda. Yes, this is the way.
In our Pro Network, we work with all sorts of friends. Solar friends, Window friends, Roofing friends, HVAC friends, Landscaping friends, Flooring friends, Concrete friends, Remodeling friends, you name it! We got it.
We’re looking for wolves who like chilling on wall streets. So if you’re secretly Leo DiCaprio, please send us an autograph, we love you.

If you can:

Close deals like no other has ever done before
Monitor and care for your warm baby leads
Understand time and how it works….AND MANAGE IT
Type good and type fast
Pick up multiple types of software at least somewhat easily and use them daily

Regular people can make $60,000 to $80,000 annually, but regular people with the desire for money people can earn $200,000+
We pay $30,000 as a base, and no it won’t drop. The rest you make with your big kid hands.
Job Type:
We too like to exist in the real world. So this is a full time but no work on holidays kind of position.
We’re a small start up, so we can get away with a few things. A few of our shenanigans involve:

Nerf Gun Battles
Arcade Competitions
Biweekly Company Events/Outings
Snacks and Beverages regularly restocked
Crushing sales quotas
And more!

If this sounds like the right kind of vibe for you, apply! We want people hyped to be alive and able to make things happen!
Leed Seed ;)


We kinda need to know that:

You can meet sales quotas and/or go above and beyond
Make money on a regular basis
Ride solo
Argue very nicely
Be a decent human being
Be on the inside...of sales.
Be able to say what you mean and show it
Speak that good English
Are open to not being stupid and learning new things
Know how to get what you want and make it happen
Are smarter than a 5th grader (Or at least a high school diploma)

Base Comp. $30,000.00
Total Comp. $165,000.00

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