Virtual Assistant

Company Profile

Who we are:
We are a team of fitness trainers who know what some individuals are going through — fighting their way through diets only to gain weight or quickly jumping back to their old habits. We want to help educate them to stay healthy in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Job Description

What we want you to do:

We need you to do simple tasks. It could be sending emails to multiple people to actually make a call to them. There are also tasks that will need a bit of research from your browser. Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process.


What we are looking for:
We want you to work with our team so we need you to be comfortable working with other people.
We have deadlines to catch so we need someone who can manage their time and productivity.
This job has minimal supervision so we need someone to be trusted to get the job done.
We may need to make a call for some tasks that need to be explained. We need you to be available at those times.

What we need from you:
Experience in clerical tasks or anything of equivalent is desirable but not required.
Frequently check emails for updates of tasks.
Communicate with us when needed (Email, video or voice calls, text message or phone call).

Compensation and Benefits
$3,100 a month
Free use of gym equipment and amenities (if you are within the area)
Free advice and diet plans from our coaches
Remote Work

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