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Hi, we are looking for a top appointment setter for our digital agency. Your main role is to set the appointment, confirm the interests and remind (so as to reduce the chance of NO SHOW). Once set, these appointments will be handled by the sales team and/or myself. You will be provided with lead generation tools to set appointments. You will be expected to generate your own lists and utilize your own methods to bring effective results. You will talk to the decision-maker/owner of the companies.

*If you are skilled at closing as well, let's have a talk.

PAY STRUCTURE: Your choice of the below.
1. We pay $40 per COMPLETE appointment. As long as you have scheduled them and the prospect showed up, the money is yours.
2. Get 8% for closed deals. Anywhere from $120-2400 PER appointment is yours to take when we close the deal.


1. Native/fluent American English speakers.
2. Must be able to make at least 50 brand new outreaches a day. Cold calls, cold emails, social PM, SMS texting etc.
3. Interview the candidates well & set as many QUALITY appointments as possible. Preferably 10-12 a week.
4. Can communicate with clarity, friendliness, professionalism, and confidence.
5. Loyal, committed, driven, persistent at self-improvement. Some sense of humor?
6. Proficient at utilizing different tools, software & methods to make appointments, including but not limited to social media, message texting, email marketing, and...surprise us.
7. Familiar with digital marketing & construction spaces is a plus, but not required. We have seen newbies outperform everyone--it's all in your drive and methods.
8. Able to work flexibly at office hours in US time zones: from HST, PST, MT CST to EST.

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