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Someone who attends the crypto events, who reads the crypto news and probably trades themselves, who engages with - and is respected by - the region’s crypto community, and who participates actively in crypto conversations. Someone who is passionate about decentralisation and democratisation, and about the opportunity blockchain and crypto is and will bring individuals, communities and society as a whole.

And someone who, like the Steering Committee of, has a passion to 'clean’ the sector by minimising (and eradicating) the scams and the fraud, and by holding the industry’s big players - who are vital in the ecosystem that will empower crypto go mainstream - to be held accountable for practices and services that are simply not fair nor acceptable to their users.

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About the role:
Reporting into our Head of Public Relations, we are looking for that special someone who can lead our ambitious Ambassador programme.
To spread the word about throughout Pakistan in order to drum up registrations from the hundreds - if not thousands - of potential claimants from within the region. More information on the claim is provided below - but in short, the Steering Committee of is now appealing for those who suffered financial loss on the Binance platform since October 2020 (especially on the 19 May 2021), because of issues with the exchange’s service, to come forward and join the claim. They may very well have a legal case against the exchange, and there is no risk or cost for them to join the action.
The successful applicant will understand that is a ‘movement’ in its own right; that is, it has a dedicated Steering Committee that is formed of numerous representatives, including one from Liti Capital. This is because Liti Capital is funding the claim.

This will be a unique opportunity to be part of a movement that will change the course of crypto forever - and for the better - and to be part of the ambitious, highly-experienced, friendly and intelligent team (even if we say so ourselves!) Liti Capital - the team that is making Private Equity investing accessible for everyone - for the first time in history.

Tasks involved:
We need you to:
In short, to spread the word about the claim wide and far, and to encourage anyone affected to come forward;
Proactively reach out & engage with the crypto community via social media (from both your own networks, and across other platforms/accounts that serve the Pakistan crypto community);
Attend events (virtual & physical) - to mingle and spread the message;
Generate press & other media exposure (e.g. podcasts in the region) - in coordination with our Head of Public Relations, to reach out to gain maximum coverage;
Implement an effective influencer relations campaign - liaising with the most influential ‘crypto’ voices in the region to help them spread the word;
Identify any other opportunities (paid media/advertising options, or AMAs for example) and presenting them to the Committee for consideration;
Respond to questions on region-specific media channels in relation to the claim;
Work closely with the Steering Committee, some of the claimants who are active in the PR/social media, and with other regional Ambassadors to deliver a coordinated approach;
Promote the ‘call to action’ clearly - sign up at;
Work in line with the pre-approved content and ‘tool kits’ that will be provided (and liaising with the wider marketing team when you require something specific - e.g. a video produced, graphics/images etc.;
Promote the message in the various languages required across the region (with support from the wider team on the translations).
What is

On 19 May, 2021, when markets were turning red, Binance froze. As a result, the trading accounts (including futures options) of at least 700 known traders were effectively untradable for multiple hours. We believe that thousands of traders were affected, and that those traders suffered more than one hundred million USD dollars of damages.

Binance failures, however, are not just isolated to 19 May 2021; Binance has failed to meet its obligations to its community on many occasions since October 2020. Several traders that suffered losses due to the failure of Binance’s platform intend to seek compensation from Binance, including through arbitration, if necessary. Initially advised by Ms. Aija Lejniece, a Paris-based arbitration attorney, these traders have established a Steering Committee to provide guidance and information about the claims process against Binance.

The Steering Committee has arranged for Liti Capital SA, a Swiss-based blockchain private equity fund specializing in raising capital for legal cases, to provide funding in order to permit individual traders who suffered damages as a result of the failure of Binance’s trading platform to pursue the claims process.

Liti Capital’s funding will enable affected individuals to pursue claims, including, if necessary, in arbitration, for compensation against Binance. The international law firm of White & Case LLP has been engaged to represent affected individuals in the claims process.

Application Information:

Please submit your CV and a cover letter (in one document), and/or send us a video of yourself pitching why you’re the ideal candidate and outlining how you meet the key responsibilities of the role. Please email it to

Application Deadline: 8 September 2021


We, Liti Capital, is looking for someone who lives and breathes crypto and blockchain, and who is super-connected with the influencers and everyday users of crypto.

Base Comp. $5,000.00
Total Comp. $10,000.00

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