Remote Sales Representative

Company Profile

Since 2009, VIDA Select’s been featured all over the media by outlets like FOX, the Today Show and the Washington Post. During that same time, thousands of successful relationships and marriages have been formed across the US and around the world thanks to VIDA Select.

Job Description

We’re looking to immediately hire a part-time Matchmaking Sales Rep to meet with prospective clients over the phone and follow up via email and SMS. You’ll be dealing exclusively with inbound leads who have selected times from our booking calendar to speak with someone from our team.

Schedule & Flexibility
The hours are pretty flexible, and the calls will be scheduled ahead of time. We would like for you to have an 8-hour range during which you are available to make those calls. Calls will not always be back-to-back, and you can manage your own schedule and availability for the most part.

We have split the position into two Sales Rep positions, one focused on morning work, the other evening. We are looking for someone to have a 6-8 hour range available for scheduled calls, knowing that the entire window of time will not be full of calls.
Morning Sales Rep (starting at 8 am EDT) Mon-Fri and a few hours either Sat or Sun
Evening Sales Rep (ending at 11 pm EST) Mon-Fri and a few hours either Sat or Sun


For a person with the right skills, drive and personality, this will be a very fun and rewarding position.

Potential for Growth
VIDA is growing rapidly, and leadership opportunities are available for the right person as well. We promote internally, and are currently looking for natural leaders to join the team.
If you have experience in and enjoy leading people, improving and simplifying processes, and have a knack for technology and automation be sure to let us know!

This opportunity is an independent contractor position, paid in $USD, and primarily commission based. If you’re average, you can earn $20/hour (total hourly). If you are a star, you can easily earn $30 or even $40 an hour.

You’re a relentless closer with a proven track record.
You’re extremely competitive, self-motivated and enjoy helping others.
You’re looking for a long-term placement with growth potential.
Weekend availability either Saturday or Sunday
You must have inside sales or direct sales experience.

Required skills & experience that are essential for this position:
Inside sales/direct sales; at least 2+ years’ of experience - preferably
Experience working with sales volumes greater than $200,000
Industry: Healthcare, tech, hospitality, education, real estate, etc.
Bachelor’s degree preferred
Top-notch writing skills.
Excellent time management and organizational skills (without direct supervision).
Motivation to succeed and a passion for helping others.
Detail oriented and process-driven

Skills & experience that are a PLUS:
4+ years’ retail/field sales experience a plus
Experience working in online dating/ matchmaking industry
Experience working directly with clients in the Canada and US.

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