Master Researcher/Web Sales

Company Profile

Don’t even think of applying for this job if you are not a top performer who is 100% Self-Motivated and Self-Reliant, has mastered the skill of being persistent and consistent, and is 100% OK with commission-based pay.

Hey there,

Our growing Domaining company has an incredible job opportunity available for an in-house

Chief Domaining Officer who has the following skills:

- You have a winner’s mindset

- You are competitive - when you set a goal, you reach it, no matter what.

- You are willing to obsess about making things work.

- You are 100% self-reliant - no hand-holding needing.

- You take self-initiative - you are pro-active. You do things without asking. You come up with

great ideas and solutions.

- You are hard working. You go the extra mile.

- You take full ownership of the job that’s been given.

Please do NOT apply when you cannot say “Yes, that’s me!” on each and every item stated above! I don’t want to waste your time, nor mine. If you can say “YES, that’s me!” then read on...

Job Description

Our Domaining Company buys premium domain names low and rents & sells them high.

The system you’ll be working on breaks down into these steps:

1. Finding contact info of local business owners.

2. Reaching out to them by email and phone, negotiating and close deals (you rent & sell our domains)

The purpose of our company is: increasing leads and sales for local businesses through domain renting and selling.

You get thorough training on our sure-fire system provided by our in-house expert who has 16+ years experience. So you can learn this system at a rapid pace and you’ll be fully equipped
to make this a massive success.

What is your goal?

Your goal is generating $100,000 per month by renting and selling domains within 2 years.

The company provides you with a million-dollar portfolio of 1,000+ premium domain names that are guaranteed to be marketable and have a hungry buyer pool.

For each domain the domain the "Fair Market Value" is given, so you don't have to guess the price it could EASILY sell for.

All that's left for you to do is to find the buyer. That's it.

What is my salary like?

You get paid top dollar, 100% based on your performance, plus you'll get bonus rewards for

every sale and rental target you reach. Plus, you earn badges along the way displayed on the

global leadership board.

You'll end up focusing primarily on renting domains and have selling domains as an add-on,

since you will earn 12-120x more money with renting then selling in the long run.

What’s the catch you’re asking? There’s no catch really - it’s just that I believe in paying people according to the value they bring to the table.

And in this case, the more value you bring to the business - that is, the more sales you

generate - the more you get financially rewarded, without limit to what you can make.

It’s a fair way of being compensated generously according to the value you bring.

What are the conditions?

The conditions we work with are that you must have reached your first sales or rental target within 3 months or we stop our collaboration. And, if you haven’t made any sale or rental during a 3-month period, that is at any time after the trial period, we’ll stop our collaboration as well.

How much time is required?

A minimum of 32 hours per week. More in the beginning as there is a steep learning curve and the beginning is always the hardest to get things off the ground. But once the ball starts rolling & it’s getting easier and easier as you gain experience, and domaining becomes second nature to you, you begin to flip domains on command.

Your title will be: Chief Domaining Officer.

Since I have multitudes applying for this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that pays so incredibly well, but only have three spots to fill, please let me know a few things:

1. Why do you think you'd be great for this job?

2. What part of this role most appeals to you?

3. Which of the required skills do you feel you are strongest at?

Send me a proposal using the Subject Line of “Pick Me, I Am Your Best Chief Domaining Officer and I Will Prove It!"

Please do NOT apply if you are looking for a base pay. This is not that. This is actually much better for your bank account long term.

Shine on,



Total Comp. $100,000.00

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