Sales Specialyst/Chief Domaining

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Job Description

Don’t even think of applying for this job if you are not a top performer who is 100% Self-
motivated and Self-reliant, has mastered the skill of being persistent and consistent, and is

100% OK with commission-based pay.
Hey there,
Our growing Domaining company has an incredible job opportunity available for an in-house
Chief Domaining Officer who has the following skills:
- You have a winner’s mindset
- You are competitive - when you set a goal, you reach it, no matter what.
- You are willing to obsess about making things work.
- You are 100% self-reliant - no hand-holding needing.
- You take self-initiative - you are pro-active. You do things without asking. You come up with
great ideas and solutions.
- You are hard working. You go the extra mile.
- You take full ownership of the job that’s been given.
Please do NOT apply when you cannot say “Yes, that’s me!” on each and every item stated
above! I don’t want to waste your time, nor mine. If you can say “YES, that’s me!” then read

Our Domaining Company buys premium domain names low and rents & sells them high.
The system you’ll be working on breaks down into these steps:
1. Finding contact info of local business owners.
2. Reaching out to them by email and phone, negotiating and close deals (you rent & sell our
The purpose of our company is: increasing leads and sales for local businesses through
domain renting and selling.
You get thorough training on our sure-fire system provided by our in-house expert who has
16+ years experience. So you can learn this system at a rapid pace and you’ll be fully equipped
to make this a massive success.
What is your goal?
Your goal is generating $100,000 per month by renting and selling domains within 2 years.
The company provides you with a million-dollar portfolio of 1,000+ premium domain names
that are guaranteed to be marketable and have a hungry buyer pool.
For each domain the


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