Sales—Remote—50-50 Commission

Company Profile

In short, shoppers like bulk discounts, but for fresh items (such as fruits, vegetables, or dairy products) it's not possible to buy them in bulk, since they'll easily spoil or go bad.

Instead, our online platform solved this issue by giving buyers vouchers for bulk purchases. The customer pre-purchases, say, 20 gallons of milk, but redeems their vouchers gradually, taking home a gallon or two on each store visit.

From the merchant's perspective, it's both an attractive advance payment method as well as a loyalty tool, since customers must return to redeem their vouchers at your store over time. It allows even the smallest convenience stores to sell like a warehouse club.

Job Description

So far, 94% of our participating stores have seen at least a 50% increase in prepaid revenue with us, and nearly a quarter (24%) have shown more than a fourfold increase in prepaid revenue, but we need to get the word out to stores across America.

Our primary target has been independent stores or small-scale chain grocers (typically under 10 locations) that want a leg up amid aggressive competition for market share.

Medium-level, regional supermarket chains are more difficult to close, but since sales representatives earn 50% of our profit from any stores they successfully onboard, the larger firms can indeed be a lucrative target.

The work can be done from any location in the United States (50 states + DC), however we suggest that you prospect grocers within an easy driving distance, since the store representative, following your initial cold call, will likely want an in-person demo before onboarding as a merchant on StableCoupons.

Full training regarding the StableCoupons software, its use cases, and the merchant flow-through journey will be provided to successful applicants.


Applicants must be comfortable with cold calling prospects, scheduling meetings in person, and walking store owners / managers through the onboarding process.

Excellent communication skills and proficient use of web and mobile tools is a must.

Please send your resume to the following address: ken.chester [at] stablecoupons [dot] com

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