Sales Associate

Company Profile

Digital marketing agency, repeat business

Job Description

Core Role:

The Sales Associate will be responsible for closing deals over the phone, email, and direct messaging. A key priority of this role will be the amount of sales closed and making sure each new customer has the potential for high engagement and lifetime value (LTV).

We are a digital marketing company. Our flagship product get clients results fast and come with a money back guarantee which lead to recurring revenue monthly and opens the door for upsell opportunities. If you have good closing skills you will have the chance to make a good amount of recurring income.


? Reaching out to potential prospects

? Self-booking sales calls from prospecting lists

? Showing up to sales calls having researched the prospect

? Reaching out to booked sales calls to prevent no-shows

? Making offers to high quality leads

? Following up with leads and prospects

? Closing sales over the phone to increase close percentage

? Following up with existing clients to check in, continue engaging the relationship, and upsell into next offer


? Naturally confident and easy to talk to. Great at building rapport. People would say “I feel comfortable sharing a lot with you”

? Eager to learn and grow. Loves a challenge. Super into personal development.

? Extraverted. Can talk to people all day. Working behind a desk in a cubicle sounds like torture.

? Wants stability & security with income, and willing to do the work it takes to be successful. Even if it means putting in the hours now to see results later.

? Understands order of consequences (If I eat this cookie now, I’ll enjoy it now, but I’ll get unhealthy later… VS If I workout now, it’ll suck right now, but then I’ll get healthy later) and is able to resist instant gratification.

? Very analytical and into numbers & spreadsheets. Loves taking detailed notes on prospects, documenting data, and looking at graphs to understand how to improve sales numbers.

? Great memory and attention to detail. Quick to follow up and remind others.

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Sales, communication, telemarketing, closing skills, handling objections

Total Comp. $5,000.00

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