Financial Advisor - Insurance

Company Profile

We offer every aspect of financial services under one roof. Our compensation model allows for independent agents to revenue share with the different channels without having to be an expert in each area. This creates a world of opportunity to be the one-stop solution for your clients! We offer:

o Premium Finance
o Life Insurance
o Health Insurance
o Medicare
o Mortgage Loans
o Annuities
o Securities
o Debt Relief
o Trusts
o Business Tax Credits
o Small Business Solutions

We take pride in the level of training, support & mentorship that our company provides in helping agents scale their business and achieve their highest level of success.

Job Description

The insurance industry offers the strongest hold on job security during a recession simply because insurance is considered a must-have, no matter the economy. The insurance industry also creates more millionaires than other sales positions.

Are you a licensed life insurance and annuities agent or willing to get licensed?
Tired of cold calls and expensive or overused leads?

We make it possible for you to start and run a business that is meaningful, easy to scale, and able to generate a Multiple Six-Figure Residual Income! You may be thinking this is too good to be true, but we can show you how our proven program has helped so many agents achieve results that they never knew were possible.

If you are new and don’t know where to start, no problem - We have paved every possible route you could go, allowing YOU to determine YOUR path.

If you are already in the industry, you get our systems, technology, preset appointments, training, and the best in the industry partners.


Location: This position is a hybrid role. As a licensed insurance agent, you will be working remotely as well as attending events throughout the year. We are an approved vendor at many county school districts across the nation. In those areas agents can go to the schools and business locations of other public employees to meet with potential clients. There is also opportunity to serve small business owners at their locations.

Duties: As an agent for Appreciation Financial, you will be expected to attend video conference team meetings and report activity to your team leader. Mentorship and coaching will be available to assist you in meeting your goals.

Requirements: We are looking for agents licensed or willing to get licensed in life insurance & annuities. Agents that have experience in Medicare are also encouraged to apply.

Pay Structure: Commissions are earned on each product sold after the client has been either underwritten, approved, and signed off on the various retirement and insurance products sold. The majority of services and products sold continue to pay a renewal commission as the clients pay their premiums either monthly or annually. Each carrier, product, and service pay out a different compensation rate which is published in the AF Compensation and Promotional Guidelines that every new Appreciation Family member receives during their initial onboarding and training.

Total Comp. $125,000.00

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