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Company Profile

8590 Group is a Hospitality Group and Marketing Agency based out of Toronto, Canada.

Our passion for food has been an on going affair since we can remember. Our founders have always been drawn to the industry, they have lived it and loved it for years.

Turning that passion into a business only came natural. These ventures have today become 8590 Group, scaling from Boutique Digital Media Agencies specifically for restaurants to Restaurants themselves.

Our growth is exponential and our goals are even bigger. Our goals revolve around helping other small & medium business maximize their profit while bringing you amazing food concepts you've never seen before.

We are looking forward to a fruitful year, new things are coming and we can't wait to share them with you.

Job Description

8590 Group is a Hospitality and Media Group with a focus on Social Media, Websites, Content Creation, Restaurants and Restaurant Consulting.

We are now recruiting highly motivated Sales Agents for full time positions that are ready to work hard and increase their performances month after month.

The job will be to develop leads with restaurants hospitality groups in order to get them to buy a service package from one of our agencies.

Packages vary from $399/mo to $2499/mo. Commission structure is the first month of service to the sales agent for packages or 20% for a la carte services.

Total commission and bonuses is based on performance. Most packages and clients are on the $1099 plan.

Average yearly commission is $74,000 but can exceed $130,000.
Monthly bonuses range from $500 to $6000 based on performance.
Yearly bonuses range from $5000 to $60,000 based on performance.

Additional Perks:
- New Phone
- New Laptop
- Benefits
- Car Allowance or Car Lease (based on performance)
- Travel

8590 Group also holds exhibits are various industry conventions, as such, candidates will be travelling to conventions to meet with thousands of potential clients. Sales agents easily close a dozen accounts per convention.

If you are interested in sales, understand digital media and love food, this position is for you.

Please include your resume and cover letter by January 30th 2019.


Total Comp. $75,000.00

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