Mindfulness as Business Solution

Company Profile

The InspIrie Group is a start-up company poised and ready for success. Our network of learned facilitators are experts in their field of expertise (ranging from medical, psychology, philosophy, yoga, and more) and were specifically chosen for their ability to facilitate the adoption of mindfulness in work environments.

Job Description

At InspIrie, we facilitate the adoption of mindfulness in office environments. We have a clear picture of the modern workplace and it’s ripe with stress, fatigue, distraction and overstimulation. We manage these challenges by providing a consistent and focused mindfulness practice that empowers the collective through the individual.

Leading industries (Google, General Mills, Intel, Aetna, Goldman Sachs, etc.) are touting mindfulness as the answer to the dynamic and agile workforce companies have longed for and with good reason.

When one is consistent, mindfulness can produce greater cognitive abilities, sharper focus, improved overall health and more.

Job Description:
• Drive business growth
• Work independently
• Sell mindfulness solutions to small and mid-size organizations that want to redefine their standards around employee engagement, team building, health initiatives and continuing education programs
• Grow the business through developing and maintaining sales plans for own territory and for each account, including identifying new prospects using multiple sources of sales leads
• Make sales presentations to customer decision makers. Use solution selling techniques to leverage the position of
InspIrie Group

Note: This is a commission-based position with a lot of opportunity for expansion into a managerial salaried role.


To push this forward-thinking solution to small and mid-sized businesses, InspIrie Group is looking for dynamic, results-oriented representatives with the ability to build and maintain on-going relationships with new and existing clients in the San Diego area.

More helpful info: www.dadomatch.com/job

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