Account Executive

Company Profile

Information Mapping sells software, consulting, and training solutions to clients who heavily utilize documentation in their space. Information Mapping is the world leader in helping enterprise-level organizations and governments solve their critical documentation issues. They specialize in selling to pharma, life sciences, biotech, financial services, government ... all companies with heavy regulation around documentation and face scrutiny around policies & procedures around manufacturing. Companies who lose sight of this risk fines, need for fixes, or ultimately - being shut down.

Job Description

The Account Executive will be responsible for traveling to visit clients within the Energy and Transportation verticals and selling Information Mapping's suite of solutions:

1. Technology add-on

2. Training courses

3. Professional Services

It is a hybrid role, with some inside/outside responsibilities.  A BDR will set up the appointments, but there is still some hunting involved with this role


• 5-10 years of sales experience, preferably in research or data
• Bachelor’s Degree preferred
• Hardworking, driven to succeed
• Realistic and genuine
• Looking to join an opportunity on the ground floor and put your mark on it

Base Comp. $80,000.00
Total Comp. $110,000.00

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